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Extensive Legal Experience
Robert J. Blazak brings experience in multiple legal disciplines to offer the best representation for our clients' needs. As a law office, we have a vast amount of experience in personal injury law, family law, probate & estate, Wills. No matter the simplicity or complexity of the issues at hand, nothing beats the experience of Blazak Law.
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The Best For Your Family
Attorney Robert J. Blazak have extensive negotiating and litigation experience. This experience works for the benefit of our clients to provide the best possible legal representation. Through personal meetings, attorneys assess each client's unique situation to develop an appropriate legal strategy for each particular case.
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Plan for an Estate
Blazak law will help you establish structure that will be beneficial for you and your family.
Injury Defense
If you were injured at work or in an accident, Call us today, for your legal defense! Call us today for a free initial consultation.
The Name You Trust
With over 25 years of extensive legal experience, our attorneys are experts at settlements and alternate dispute resolution as well as litigation for cases that go to trial. Clients can rest assured that Robert J. Blazak offers the professionalism and skill to provide excellent legal representation for any client's need.

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"We had 3 attorneys represent us, including Mr. Blazak, on overlapping matters. Mr. Blazak pprovided us with the best service, had compassion for our beliefs and goals and consistently gave us thoughtful, legal guidance throughout the process and explained our rights and options to us at critical times and with his guidance we achieved all our goals in each case. Thank you Mr. Blazak."

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