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Estate - Lawyer in Burien, WA
Dealing with estates can be difficult – get the legal advice you need to succeed.

Real Estate Attorney in Burien, WA

Estate - Lawyer in Burien, WA

Simplify Estate Administration

We all know life can be uncertain. The key to navigating successfully is a strong plan for the future. Make sure you are protected with personalized legal assistance from Robert J. Blazak , Attorney at Law in Burien, WA.
Robert J. Blazak specializes in providing excellent legal aid to individuals and businesses in matters of estate planning, real estate and corporate business and law. More than 30 years of experience enable Robert J. Blazak to help you develop a strong legal plan to ensure you, your family and your business are well protected.
We work personally with each client to keep you informed about your options and meet your unique legal needs. We believe that a basis of trust is essential in an attorney/client relationship and work to build your trust through personalized meetings. When you retain Robert J. Blazak, you can expect personal attention, extensive knowledge and experience, and an outstanding record of effective legal service.

Estate Planning

Secure continued well-being for yourself, your assets and your family when you start planning early with excellent probate estate planning advice. We will guide you through development of wills and trusts to make your long-term wishes known.


Wills and Power of Attorney
Unfortunately, there may come a time when you are not able to physically or mentally handle your affairs. When this occurs or even before this occurs, Robert J. Blazak is here to assist you with establishing a Power of Attorney.